FortiGate Reports Menu Missing

You might come across an instance where your Reports menu is missing from within the FortiGate GUI. I noticed this today when I went to disable local report emails and wasn’t able to!

We use FortiAnalyzer for our reports, so when transferring to this we disabled Local Disk logging, this in turn removed the reports menu.

It is a quick fix to get the menu back;

  • Connect to your FortiGate GUI

  • Log & Report > Log Config > Log Settings

  • Enable Disk logging

  • Enable Local Reports

    • If you are using FortiAnalyzer you may get an error message about Fortinet recommendations, you can ignore this for the moment
  • Log out and then Log back in, you will now see the menu

  • Log & Report > Log Config > Report

In my case we disabled “Email Generated Reports” and then disabled Local Reports and Disk logging. By disabling Local Reports you clear the FortiAnalyzer message you might have come across earlier.

Published 3 Sep 2015


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