Set Port Speed for a FortiGate Virtual Switch Interface

You might come across a scenario where you have created a Virtual Switch/Hardware Switch on your FortiGate and you need to set a specific port within that switch to a different speed

In our case we had a 4 port switch, 1 of those ports connected to another appliance, the other device was set as 100mb Full – by default all of the ports on the FortiGate virtual-switch were set to auto, so this 1 port ultimately fell down to 100mb Half

Below are the steps to set a port to the correct speed within a FortiGate switch

config system virtual-switch
edit <switch name>
config port
edit <port>
set speed <speed>

Speed options:

  • auto
  • 10full
  • 10half
  • 100full
  • 100half
  • 1000full

The steps needed to set an interface speed for a port that isnotin a virtual-switch are slightly different, for that you use:

config system interface
edit <port>
set speed <speed>

You can use theshowcommand to show available ports/switches that you can edit

Within the FortiGate web console under Network > Interfaces, if you hover over the Interface image you can see the speed of a port

Published 31 Mar 2015


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